Ecuadorian born Jose-Antonio Valencia graduated cum laude from the University of San Francisco Quito with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. After 10 years as a Senior Marketing Executive at Fortune 100 companies, he stepped out of the corporate world into entrepreneurial endeavors and pioneered one of the fastest growing businesses of our time and created a leading company in the electronic cigarette’s industry.

Corporate and entrepreneurial success led him to venture into the Media & Entertainment industry, a business he was exposed to from an early age as his father is the former Vice-president of an important TV network in South America and the founder of two international award-winning Advertising Agencies. Jose-Antonio consulted and co-produced TV shows for major networks, he was the President of an international print magazine with over 25 years in circulation, and helped a number of his multi award-winning friends to launch the project “Inspire & Develop Artists Educational Program”.

His well-rounded perspective and international experience led him to observe that a great number of people around him, whether it be on professional or personal levels, share certain similarities which prevent them from living exciting, successful, and meaningful lives. Jose-Antonio discovered his true calling and embarked with passion on the greatest adventure of his life by becoming certified as a Life Coach at The International School of Coaching / Coachville Spain, one of the most reputable and accredited Coaching Institutions in the world.

As a Star Life Coach, he specializes in clients involved in the world of Arts, Music, Media and Entertainment. He guides them in identifying their true purpose in order to reach their full potential. Together they define a vision that goes beyond the awards, fame and fortune, and together they develop a customized action plan to achieve it in a fun, effective and efficient way. Music, TV and movies have a huge influence on their audience so it requires a great deal of responsibility and leadership to work in these industries. His mission is to help artists achieve genuine success, create great entertainment and make history by leaving a legacy that will make our world a better place for generations to come.

Jose-Antonio Valencia is also deeply committed to serving the artistic, nonprofit, spiritual, and business communities in South Florida. He holds numerous appointments, boards and memberships, including:

- Friends of the New World Symphony, Executive Committee (

- Miami International Film Festival, Host & Screening Committees (

- SFATA, Board of Directors (

- Sebastian Foundation, Board of Directors (

- PAMM – Perez Museum of Art Miami, Contemporaries Member (

- MOAFL – Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Educator Member (

- Art Curator for “Inked in Red”, an art show held in Miami during April 2014 with over 10 exhibiting artists and more than 2,600  attendees.

- Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, Voting Member (

- Young Arts, Influencer Member (

- Soho House Miami, Founding Member (

- Indie Film Club Miami, Member (

- Miami Film Society, Member (